On September 09, 2021, the National Project Coordinating Office (NPCO) gave an overview of the project and its activities as well as the specific objectives of the workshop. NPCO has also reiterated that the developed exit strategy and sustainability plans will be utilized for the mainstreaming of the project initiatives to be implemented by the concerned government offices and various organizations such as the DENR, Department of Trade and Industries (DTI), Department of Agriculture (DA), local government units (LGUs), and communities.


INREMP Resource Person, Dr. Ernesto S. Guiang, gave a brief discussion about the Framework for the development of the project’s exit strategy and exit plans. He also provided the Guidelines to be considered for the summarization, prioritization, and formulation of sustainability measures and exit activities in accordance with the expected outcomes and outputs of the project that are expected to be applicable on both the regional and national levels. The presentation of Dr. Guiang was followed by the presentation of the representatives from the DTI regarding their framework and matrix for the Sustainability Plan for the Livelihood Enhancement Support (LES)-2 sub-project of INREMP.


Breakout sessions per URBs simultaneously took place and were facilitated by the INREMP Regional Coordinators and NPCO focal persons per region on the first day of the workshop. Through the conduct of these break-out sessions, each regional office and organization have discussed and clarified items regarding the various formulated guide questions, expected outputs, suggested sustainability measures, and exit activities of INREMP per Region that was divided by the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) and City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (CENRO). The output of the conducted sessions will be used for the formulation of the draft regional sustainability and exit plan.


The second day of the workshop was conducted last September 17, 2021, Dr. Guiang also presented the Guides and Discussion Points to be considered for the formulation of the INREMP National Sustainability and Exit Plan in Support of the Regional Sustainability and Exit plans. Representatives from the Regional INREMP Offices for the four (4) upper river basins (URBs) were given the opportunity to present their plans for the project's exit and sustainability. The presentation of the said plans for the regions was started by the representative from Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), followed by the presentation from the Wahig-Inabanga River basin (WIRB), Bukidnon Upper River Basin (BURB), and lastly, Lake Lanao River Basin (LLRB).


On September 23, 2021, NPCO presented the National Exit Strategy and Sustainability Plan in support of the regional plans for the project for the third and last day of the workshop. During this day, Mr. Norlito P. Sarmiento, the head of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit and In-charge for INREMP, presented the draft outputs for the project.


For each day of the Project Exit and Sustainability workshops conducted, representatives and participants from the involved agencies and offices were given the opportunity to participate in the open forum. They have provided comments and suggestions for the further enhancement of the deliverables to be accomplished for INREMP’s Project Exit Strategy and Sustainability Plan.


The series of one-day workshops was spearheaded by the NPCO from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Forest Management Bureau (DENR-FMB). The project exit strategy and sustainability plan workshops were attended by participants from the DA, DTI, Regional Project Coordinating Offices (RPCO), and participants from the Public Procurement Monitoring Offices (PPMOs) and Watershed Management and Project Coordinating Offices (WMPCOs).