The remaining 73 Natural Resource Management (NRM) subprojects of CY 2017 and 2018 under the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) have already been completed and were turned-over this October 2021. Total of 44 People’s Organizations (POs) were awarded with their Certificates of Completion (COCs).


     Among these POs, 15 from the Danao Watershed POs namely: 1) Barangay Caluasan Rural Developers Association, 2) Cantubod Association of Rehabilitation of Environment, 3) Catigbian Waterworks and Sanitation Association, 4) Dagohoy Association for Progress, 5) Kapunungan sa Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa Cabasakan, 6) Kauswagan United Farmers for Forest and Agroforest Resources Development,7) Lubang Farmers Organization, 8) Lusong United Farmers Association, 9) Mag-uumang Nagkahiusa sa Nueva Montaña, 10) Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa Nueva Granada, 11) Panghagban Waterworks Sanitation System Association, 12) Resource and Environmental Management Organization of Tabok, 13) San Carlos Association for Rehabilitation of Environmental Denudation, 14) San Miguel Association Resource Team, 15) Concepcion Livelihood and Environmental Association Project were given their certificates on October 26, 2021 at Poblacion Danao Gymnasium.



DENR, Provincial and LGU Officials with Dagohoy POs during the INREMP Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony of Completed NRM Subprojects last October 27, 2021 at Nam Nam Eatery, Kubo Inn, Poblacion Dagohoy.


     On the other hand, four (4) POs from Dagohoy Watershed specifically: 1) Cagawasan Farmers’ Association, 2) Kapunongan Sa Nagkahiusang Mamumuo Sa Dagohoy, 3) Malitbog Active Tree Farmers Association, and 4) San Vicente Dagohoy Bohol Livelihood Multipurpose Cooperative received their completion certificates on October 27, 2021 at Nam Nam Eatery, Kubo Inn, Poblacion Dagohoy.


      As for the Wahig-Pamacsalan Watershed, a total number of (16) POs accepted their much-awaited certificates of completion on October 28, 2021 at Barangay Hall, Poblacion Pilar. Among these are the following POs: 1) Bagacay Water Users Association, 2) Barangay Cansungay Farmer's Association, 3) Bayong Farmers Association, 4) Bugsoc Sierra Bullones Farmers Credit Cooperative, 5) Canta-ub Visayan Eskaya Farmers Association, 6) Confraternity of Mayana Small Farmers Inc., 7) Datag Farmers Association, 8) Danicop Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative, 9) Lataban Agrarian Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative, 10) Lumad Multi-Purpose Cooperative, 11) Magsaysay Greenfields Multi-Purpose Cooperative, 12) Matin-ao Vegetable Growers Organization, 13) Nan-od Farmers' Growers Association, 14) Pamacsalan Tree Growers Association, 15) Sta. Cruz Palayamanan Farmer-partners Association, and 16) Sitio Ilaya Canlangit Farmers Association;



PO Participants from the Inabanga Watershed attended the INREMP Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony of Completed NRM Subprojects last October 29, 2021 at Poblacion Inabanga Gymnasium.


     Lastly, nine (9) POs from Inabanga Watershed particularly: 1) Bugang Farmers and Fishermen Association, 2) Cagawasan Mangrove Planters Association, 3) Lawis Inabanganons Livelihood and Fishermen's Association, 4) Nagkahiusang Pundok Alang SA Kalikupan, 5) Nagkahiusang Pundok SA Mananagat nga Mag-Amping sa Kinaiyahan, 6) Sto. Nino Livelihood & Fishermen Association, 7) San Jose Inabanga People Organization Inc., 8) Cabatuan United Farmers Association, and 9) Rowena Heights Farmers Association were privileged to have been awarded with their COCs on October 29, 2021 at Poblacion Inabanga Gymnasium.


     It was indeed a highly successful series of events because it was well-attended, actively-participated, and advocated by the ever-supportive Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Provincial and Local Government Units (LGUs) and Barangay officials, and most especially the main actors behind the efficient and effective implementation of the INREMP subprojects, our partner POs.


    During the said events, a combination of victorious smiles and dismal faces were all evident because at long last, after seven (7) years of the INREM Project’s conceptualization and implementation, it has almost come to its very end. A common message of support and guidance was conveyed among the implementing agency, DENR and the government units and stakeholders to these POs. They reassured the latter that even after INREMP life, they will still be there to walk them through the common goal of all which is the sustainability of these subprojects.


     The gist of the said events was yes, of course, to celebrate these partner POs’ achievements. But, beyond this, it was more of embracing the beginning of their long-term responsibility and involvement into the quest of continually managing, protecting and sustaining these subprojects.


            As expressed by one of the PO Chairpersons, Bonifacio Bagoysay of PO LUMAD Multi-Purpose Cooperative:


We are so grateful for having been chosen to be one of the PO beneficiaries of INREMP and for giving us the great opportunity to elevate the quality of our living. INREMP has taught us so many things. It has helped us improved our skills and capabilities not just as farmers, but also, as entrepreneurs. We are forever thankful.