The Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) in Lake Lanao River Basin (LLRB) has implemented three (3) subprojects such as: 1) Natural Resources Management (NRM) in four (4) modalities (Agro, CTP, CF, Refo), 1) Livelihood Enhance Support-1 (LES-1) and 3) Rural Infrastructure (RI). For the 3rd Quarter of 2021, LLRB highlighted the final validation and liquidation of final releases under NRM aside from the usual monitoring activities on other subprojects (LES-1 & RI).


     To give emphasis, the final validation of NRM is the basis for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to accept the established plantations having at least 80% survival rate in accordance with INREMP Technical Bulletin (TB) 2019-02 dated June 29, 2020.


LLRB initiated the said activity late in the 3rd Quarter of 2021 with the accomplishment of 13 People’s Organization (POs) out of 41 POs, which were validated and set for turn-over on October 5, 2021. Among these are the following: 1) West sub-watershed with six (6) POs, 2) Marawi-Saguiran sub-watershed with two (2) POs, 3) Ramain sub-watershed with one (1) PO, 4) Taraka sub-watershed with one (1) PO, 5) Malaig sub-watershed with two (2) POs, and  6) Gata sub-watershed with one (1) PO.


     The said activity was jointly conducted by the partnered agencies namely Project Area Superintendent Office (PASu) headed by Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) Mamacaya M. Lucman, Al-haj of Lanao del Norte, a representative from Regional Project Coordinating Office (RPCO), Provincial Project Management Office-Provincial Local Government Unit (PPMO-PLGU), Provincial Environment Natural Resources and Energy (PENRE-BARMM) and the augmented personnel coming from Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Iligan City to fully inspect the physical target based the approved Forest Management Plan Agreement (FMPA) and Work and Financial Plan (WFP).


     Despite the current situation brought by the pandemic outbreak, particularly on imposition of local lockdown, our POs always find time in visiting their farm and implement the remaining passes under maintenance and protection activities. Hence, it was very commendable how POs kept their effectiveness and performed alternatives to increase the survival rate of their plantations.



     The team admired their determination and commitment in protecting their plantation against the presence of wild boars. Accordingly, they installed bamboo fencing to guard their plantation and maximize the utilization of their area by intercropping Banana and other cash crops.